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Childs export threshold increased(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-07-10
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WASHINGTON latest baby walker safety regulations issued by the United States will come into effect on October 7 this year. Regulations walker forward stability test made substantive changes to conform to the manufacturer must be put into production after the completion of the stability test requirements walker. Meanwhile, the Australian version of the 2013 mandatory safety standards for baby walkers synchronization uses the US standard.

China is the largest producer of baby stroller, but safety problems leading to the recall notification exacerbate the trend is spreading. Currently, there are two categories of domestic baby walkers quality and safety problems. One is the product structure design flaw: as body collision pitch failed, causing the head, fingers easily directly touching walls and other rigid object damage; the lack of stairs and steps fall protection equipment; and a rigid frame strong enough, folding toddler car locking means releasing force does not meet the standard requirements. Another failure is the product component materials: plastic bag film thickness as substandard; lack of information signs and safety warnings and instructions on the packaging; material shedding parts and sharp edges burrs, the film surface irregularities and other issues.

Inspection and quarantine departments to remind the business: First time understand the relevant safety standards and testing requirements, improve the quality and safety traceability system; the second is the procurement of parts and final product testing and other key aspects of the implementation of vendor record and first article inspection record and other institutional management to ensure the reliability and stability of the product; third is to actively apply for a security risk assessment test or certification authority, to ensure that the fasteners, stability and other technical standards, keeping in mind the warning labels and other details in line with the requirements of the importing country for the product remove obstacles to the smooth export.


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