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To the child stroller, 3C certification do you care? Safety requirements do not (Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-07-10
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"Consumption in Urban stroller safety awareness China 'findings AQSIQ recently released by the Consumer Product Safety stroller situation is not optimistic. Well, you buy carts for children, walkers, the bicycle, whether it concerned 3C certification?

Parents do not understand the safety rules stroller

Childs products must undergo compulsory product certification (3C certification) to the factory and sales. 3C certification is a product conformity assessment system, the certification mark is a black circle side by side next to the three black "C", the right is a lowercase "s".

Investigation pointed out that if small parts, sharp tip, dangerous gaps, brakes, folding or locking mechanism is valid, the frame member is solid, stable presence on whether the exercise of stroller safety projects, more than 85% of parents do not know check.

Yesterday, reporters visited more than a dozen dealers stroller Toys R Us, Wangfujing Department Store and Xiaoshizi commodity wholesale market found some problems stroller market.

Fifth stroller did 3C signs

Yesterday morning, reporters in the 8th floor small commodity wholesale market located Xiaoshizi see that there are more than a dozen shops selling stroller. In addition to "good boy", "Excellent shellfish" two brand franchise stores per stroller and a baby stroller shop within the certificate or the vehicle body has a 3C symbol, the rest mixed camp shop, stroller body except some vehicles Brand no sign outside, no certificate and other incidental, this accounts for about one-fifth of the baby carriage stroller total, of which most are children scooters and bicycles. The price of children's bicycles are generally between 250-700 yuan, Baby Stroller generally cost between 200 yuan to 600 yuan. Most high-priced stroller documents, mark complete, and stroller in addition to a number of 250 yuan less than the brand logo, the other basically are not.

Subsequently, the reporter visited the Wangfujing Department Store, Chongqing Department Store and Toys R Us stroller sales department, where the body had to sell most of the stroller 3C mark.


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